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My Heart Ain’t Meant For A Thug (Treacherous Re-Titled)


Sexy, deadly, with a tainted past, Reina “Queen” Clarke was what most would consider Treacherous. She was a hit-woman 24/7 and a seductive prowler by night. After tragedy struck, she wears the world on her shoulders so she gives the world her ass to kiss.Swiftly moving through the streets of The Big Apple, her presence alone demanded the attention of any human being that crosses her path, however, in Queens world, love don’t exist; unbeknownst one particular hit ordered, would changed her life forever.Sincere, sexy and just as deadly, had the world by the balls. He was powerful and a straight savage that the streets feared so Queen’s hit wouldn’t be an easy task. Sin, who is happily married, is blown back by Queens enchanting persona which shakes things up for him at home. What happens when Queen becomes smitten with the glorifying thug and her feelings began to cloud her bag? Will Sin find out the woman he has falling for was only out to get him? or will it be to late?Take a ride with Queen & Sincere in this treacherous love saga.