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Santa Blessed Me With A Bay Area Boss


On the first day of Christmas Santa Blessed Layla with an evil sister, a broken heart and no one to depend on. After her mother passed and her child's father was murdered, Layla had basically lost it all. She had no source of income and a set of worn down sofas to her name. Layla hated this time of the year because she watched the love of her life die in her arms. Not only was it Christmas Day but it was also her sons birthday. It had been two years since the incident and her heart had still not recovered; Well until she awkwardly met Flock.

On the first day of Christmas Santa Blessed Flock with a huge pistol, a crew of raw niggas and a home invasion that would change his life forever. 17 year old Kyle "Flock" Border moved through the streets of Oakland with one thing on his mind; a bag. Although, one might judge his age, he had the heart of a savage and a bankroll of a Boss. After breaking into her home, Flock & Layla encountered each other and it was love at first sight. The first look at Layla, Flock had to have her. The first look at Flock, Layla was intrigued but he was to young for her liking. Noticing her living situation Flock couldn't help but become the Santa she needed, so he boldly forced himself into her life. Layla tried everything to keep the young thug away but each time her heart cried out for him. However, what happens when the truth began to unfold and Layla is forced to leave? Take a ride with Layla & Flock on this bitter, sweet, holiday love saga.