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A Billionaire And His Bitch


One would think a man of his stature, expensive suits and charming ways, would be nestled with a good book as Beethoven played in the background. However, that wasn’t the case for Casanova Brown. He’s the alpha male that packs pistols and dares anyone to cross him. Don’t let the good looks and charm fool you because he’s as ruthless as they come. The only love that pumps through Casanova’s heart is his love for money.
That’s until a beautiful but rough chick crosses his path. Akira Lester, known in the streets as “AK”, possesses an innocence by the doe-shape of her eyes. She’s also what most would consider ruthless. Yet, what happens when Casanova plays his hand and leaves her in a hospital bed by a bullet? Will the bad blood keep them at odds? Is that possible when the hate she harbors becomes lust?
His wife, Shanell, instantly sees this AK as a threat. As she fights for her position, will she sink herself and allow this home-wrecking, ghetto project chick to win?

Explore the life of a Billionaire as love, money & scandal proclaims their lives.