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Kiss The Plug Goodnight


Once upon a time, in a small town, lived a young girl who was abandoned by her mother. She was left with a pensive heart because she watched her father die by the hands of his brother. Beauty was left to fend for herself, along with the heartache of having not a soul to genuinely care for her. Daily, she would dream of being rescued by a prince, and he would take away the pain her past life caused. Until this day, Beauty still had those same dreams as she slept. Yet, instead of the knight in shining armor, the tribe of fairies delivered Tuson.

Although Tuson was handsome, he came with a foul mouth, and a hustle that landed him right in prison. It had been nearly three years, and Beauty has dealt with countless women, fake love letters, and Global Tel calls that she would spend every dime on. Because of her love for him, she was devoted to Tuson and wouldn't dare let another man into her heart.

At this point in her life, all she wanted to do was sleep and sleep forever. She felt that it would take away her pain, and she would live in peace. That’s until fate lands her at the front door of the most perfect Prince who knocked the wind out of her at their first encounter.

Prince was a man that would make any woman submissively fall to his feet. His rough exterior, cocky demeanor, and “the world belongs to him” attitude only added confusion to Beauty’s heart. Prince wasn’t your typical Casanova. He was a gangsta, packed pistols, and came with mountains of coke in which he distributed across the world. To everyone else, he was immortal, but to Beauty, he was her savior. However, their love was forbidden because Prince’s heart belonged to his devoted wife Abby.

Beauty couldn’t help but desire to Kiss the Plug Goodnight; BUT does fairytales really exists in the hood?