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Purple Reign (A BBW Hood Love Story)


The glitter, the glam, and the fame only means one thing; big egos and heartbreak. For Reign Paul, that’s exactly what it is. As a troubled teen, all she wants to do is escape her mother’s abuse. She pours her heart out in the windowpane of her bedroom and sings gracefully into the air. For Reign, this is her therapy, but Angela has bigger things in store. After nearly being raped by her mother’s boyfriend, Reign is thrown out of her mother’s home and left in the cold world to fend for herself.

With a beautiful voice that tranquilizes the patrons of The Cabana, one night changes her entire life.

The man she desires, with an impeccable smile and street persona, steps into Reign’s world. After hearing her sing, Truth is mesmerized by the BBW who he has seen around the hood. With belief, Truth sees something in her she never knew existed. After making Reign a star, she falls in love with not only Truth, but the gritty fame, and everything begins to turn for the worst.

Ride with Reign in this love saga as the star on the rise is sucked in by the fame, leaving Truth with a broken heart and Reign with a ego as big as the world