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A Billionaire And His Barbie


Love is not supposed to feel like this,” is a continuous chant for Logan Issac.After crossing paths with a handsome billionaire, she soon discovers there is more to him that meets the eye. His displeasure with her appearance is only the beginning. Roman Issac is, indeed, a ladies man, but the deep, dark secrets hidden inside his Pussy Cave will reveal the true monster beneath the exterior.For years, Logan becomes a slave in her own home. Little does she know, this same abuse will land her in the arms of Faheem “Fatal” Lee. Cocky and aggressive, this dangerous thug piques her interest and ignites her sudden desire for a man other than her husband. Aside from murder and money, nothing else has held Fatal’s attention. What happens once this “Billionaire Barbie” challenges his beliefs?In this twisted tale of love, abuse, and egotistical power, will Fatal become the knight in shinning armor? Or, will his entanglement with a married woman lead him to death and destruction?