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BLESSING: A Savage Love So Deadly


This is a re-release of (Thankful for my Blessing)

Thanksgiving night, the sounds of his mothers screams made him jump from his bed. Fear of something being wrong made him run to her only to catch a bullet and left in a pool of his own blood. After missing reports and man hunts, his mother had disappeared with out a trace.13 years later, Blessing has dealt with the heartache of losing his mother. During the holidays, he clutched a bottle of fine cognac and cried himself into a rage. His mind constantly wandered into this dark place that only made him unleash the demon inside of him. Just watching the many souls burn inside of his torch was fascinating to his broken heart. However, one day it all changed. The first sight of her angelic face and warming eyes made him fall for someone he could never imagine; Cherish. Going through her own hell, Cherish was basically abandoned by the world. Her only concern was escaping her abusive baby daddy and it landed her into the arms of Blessing. In so little time she became the peace he needed and he became her savior. "Can you be my Peace Cherish?" his heart cried out for her but it was easier said then done. She was gonna do everything in her power to give him the closure he deserved and mend his shattered heart. Take a ride with Blessing & Cherish in this love saga of a savage love that’s so deadly.