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Loving a Chaotic Savage Series

$18.99 - $20.99

Imagine being physically invested into a man but emotionally torn from another lover. With time invested, a child born, and feeling obligated, Amor tries hard to make the only love she’s known stay afloat. When she realizes there's no affection to keep them intertwined, she gives up fighting the battle of love for Ruger.

One man’s trash is another mans forever, is the mentality Chaotic has after laying eyes on Amor Barkley. Canyon “Chaotic” Betterman isn’t your typical dope boy. He’s rude, he’s gangsta with killer eyes and a smile that brightens up the horizon. With the world on his shoulders, he finds peace from an outlet he least expects.

When Amor encounters the Chaotic Savage, she’s intrigued by his aggressive approach. However, he’s forbidden because they come from two different worlds.

As the hearts of rival enemies begin to collide, the only thing stopping them is the color of their bandanas. Temptation begins to rise, and Amor follows her heart. But what happens when a deep, dark secret is exposed and Amor is left with agony and a loaded 9 millimeter.

Will Ru put up a fight for what belongs to him? Will Chaotic follow his heart and kill anyone in his way?

Take a ride on this Chaotic love saga as desire becomes surrender, and surrender becomes power.