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Trap Gyrl Series

$15.99 - $19.99

When her mother is locked up state doing a bid, Cash is left running a million-dollar drug empire. Everything in Cash’s life is perfect, especially with two businesses that are successful. She's single and a bonafide Trap Gyrl with a money over niggas attitude. That’s until she meets her match.

Brooklyn aka Nino is a sexy thug that captures her heart the moment she lays eyes on him. However, Que’s not giving up that easy.

Que is Cash’s right-hand man and lover. Que would do anything to keep his title and place in Cash’s heart. While the three are caught up in their twisted love triangle, a small-time hustler is trying to take down their empires, but they won’t give up that easy.

Brooklyn is forced to ride with Cash’s team, only making things worst for Que. Que has his own deep dark secrets that will be unfolded in this tale.

Take a ride with Cash Lopez as she dodges heartbreaks and bullets.