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Dreams of Fu*kin A Dope Boy

$17.99 - $18.99

Let me take you back to a world when there was no social media, only house phones and MTV. The younger generation wouldn’t understand the metal hangers used for antennas or the Pinto cars that backfired like a drive by shooting. However, the thrill of busting fire hydrants during the summer times came with the same thrill of old school love.

Joeisha - Young, sweet and innocent. Joey was sent away to live with her aunt due to her mother choosing drugs over her existence. Her dreams of fucking a dope boy we’re just dreams until she meets Harlem. His arrogant ways fascinated her because she saw much more than what the streets could see.

Harlem - Young, wild with more ambition than the average man. He was obsessed with shooting dice until he learned the value of hustle. At the tender age of 17, Harlem was introduced to the crack epidemic where he found his passion and began to rise in the drug game. His only commitment was taking care of his mother and younger sister Harley.

Harley - Young, careless and rebellious. Harley stayed in the latest fashion and broke rules as they came. After getting her heart broke by a boy her age, she was tired of the childish games. When she finds herself enraptured with someone forbidden, her entire world comes crashing down.

In this love tale of 3 teens, you’ll watch them grow up and endure heartache from the streets. Will Joey dreams of fu*kin a dope boy come true? Will Harlem reign king of the streets? And will Harley find love to fill the void of losing someone special?

Drift on the memories in this old school hood saga as friends turn foe and love blossoms.

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