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The Real Dopeboyz of South Central Series

$16.99 - $18.99

One thing about the hood, n***s hated competition. But what will u do when you find out your competition is the one you fell in love with?Calhoun aka Cali is the most notorious Dope Boy and Gangsta that walked the streets of South Central. Everyone feared Cali and everyone knew with him, it was either his money or murder. Cali's only concern in life, was, cook it, cut it and distribute it. And with his best friend East by his side, the two ran the biggest drug operation in the city.When East meets Kaloni, he couldn't resist her. He tried so hard to remain faithful to his longtime girlfriend Jennifer, but it was something about Kaloni he had to have. Sweeping Kaloni off her feet, was a mission for East because she was a statistic to his lifestyle. Could Loni love a Dope Boy? Was his constant concern but he decided to give her a try.Cali moved as he pleased and answered to know one. The last thing on his mind was love, until, he meets Kaloni's best friend, Dreu. One look at Dreu, and he wanted to slap fire from her smart mouth a**. However, it was something about the feisty chick that intrigued him.Dreu wasn't your typical chick. She held more gangsta in her veins than most men. Moving swiftly thru the streets of LA, money was her weakness. But don't get it twisted, Dreu hustled her own sack ambitiously.Dreu who never wanted to be bothered with love, kept a wall up as tall as the Berlin. She hated the entire concept of being in a relationship. Thanks to her best friend Kaloni, Dreu was always now in the presence of a Boss. Her first encounter with Cali was rough, but he secretly had her smitten. She constantly gave Cali the cold shoulder and a hard time but with each encounter came lust. Not being able to hold back, Dreu gives Cali every piece of her and instantly falls in love.When secrets began to spill, and lies began to unfold, will Cali accept what Dreu does for a living? And can Dreu accepting Cali's hoeish ways? Take a ride with Cali and Dreu on this Dope Boy Love Saga

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