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Thug Kisses Between My Thighs


Trayon “Thug” Lewis, a man with an empty soul and loaded pistol. He walks in his own shadows of death by living his life vindictively. The adrenaline rush from bloodshed is his way of coping, but nothing will ever mend the heart of a savage. After years of being a broken man and causing havoc in the city, a beauty by the name of Kislynn Taylor falls from the sky with the same sorrowful story.

Unbeknownst to Thug, Kiss has endured that same horrific tragedy, only in a different light. Ever since the death of Noah, her ex, she’s gloomy. She’s sorrowful. But most of all, she feels abandoned. When Thug rudely enters her life, Kiss is enamored by the complete monster The’s made himself known to be. However, his compelling demeanor, yet aggressive charm, submissively sucks her in.

What happens when two doleful hearts collide? Will the love flourish, or will the guilt from past affairs disunite them?