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Heartbreak In The Hood


This is your typical hood love story but guess what? Ain’t shit fiction bout this love. In this novel you’ll experience real hood activities and a un-fictioned hood love saga. Meet Skylar aka Chilli from the Hood. With the beauty that captures any man, it seems Skylar is waiting on that special someone. At the tender age of 12 Skylar had the biggest crush on Don Lucci the hoods most treacherous thug. To Lucci, Skylar is just some creepy little girl that stalked him from her bedroom window. But to Skylar, Lucci fell from Heaven’s pit. On one particular day, Lucci had to escape the sounds of sirens but what he didn’t expect, was, Skylar attentively trying to rescue him. However, when the law calls out the dogs, Lucci surrenders leaving Skylar with a broken heart. 5 years later Don Lucci is a free man and he’s back in the hood to regain his throne. At one of HBz usual hood parties, he crosses path with none other than Skylar. The little girl that he once knew is replaced with a grown and developed woman. She’s a cold hearted gangsta, Hustla, and he’s heard stories about her while locked up. However, everyone failed to mention her beauty. When things began to heat up, Skylar’s Uncle Wiz becomes suspicious. Under strict orders, Lucci is not to mess with his niece but what happens when Lucci can’t resist and falls madly in love with the forbidden fruit? Take a ride on this love saga, that comes with lust, love and hood heartbreak.