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A Boss Got Me In My Feelings But A Savage Got My Heart


After running away from placement, Lyric Aroya is left out in the cold with no hope, no family, and no one to genuinely love her. Suddenly, a handsome but cocky savage falls from heaven's pit and he's destined to provide and give Lyric the love she deserves. This savage goes by the name of Kane. Young and ruthless Royal Kane was a stickup by day and a loving son by night. However, every lick he hit, he had a purpose and that mission was to feed his mother's addiction to heroin. When Royal meets Lyric everything in his life began to change for the better. Royal has dreams of becoming a rap star but because of his mother's drug addiction, his music career was a dream that would never happen. Although his dream was on hold, he did everything to pursue Lyrics career as a stylist. Fast forward 1 year later, Lyric A lands a gig as a stylist for producer, rapper, and boss by the name of Richy Rich. For Lyric this would became a big break into the industry and she uses this as her chance to fulfill her man's dreams. But what happens when Lyric steps outside of her relationship and she becomes smitten with Richy Rich? For the greed of money, Royal Kane's career status begins to shake things up in his relationship with Lyric only pushing her into the arms she's avoided; Rich. But what happens when her feelings are caught up into Rich but Royals owns her heart?